As I am a huge football fan, I have been following the Euros very closely. It has been 10 years since England have passed the knockout rounds yet I was delusional and expected England to go further than they actually did. I didn’t even believe Iceland was a challenge. All I could think was: Is beating France achievable? Unfortunately, they could not even get passed Iceland.

After the Slovakia game, I could not believe the performance could get any worse and somehow it did. The players were falling all over the ball. There was no sign that they actually wanted to win and the fans had to suffer with Hodgson’s poor decisions yet again. Thankfully he resigned. If I was to evaluate all of England’s performances, I would probably be here all day so I won’t. I will just add they will always be a disappointment.

I will however talk about who I think will make it to the semi-finals and who I want to win the competition overall.

PORTUGAL vs Poland! Both teams haven’t been spectacular but have somehow managed to make it this far. For me, Portugal will win this. Though Ronaldo hasn’t had the greatest tournament I think there is more to come from him. Poland do have Lewandowski but he hasn’t done anything so far. Portugal seem to have a bigger attacking threat.

Wales vs BELGIUM! Belgium have a great selection of players and even though Wales do work well as a team and have Gareth Bale, I do not see the Belgium team losing as they look very strong.

ITALY vs Germany! Both teams look very good. My favourites for the competition are Italy. I have enjoyed watching them play. They are so organised and even though they have no big names they work perfectly together. Germany have had the typical tournament so far; quiet group stages and showed up with a big win in the knockout stage. Germany have never actually beaten Italy so I think Italy will come out on top.

FRANCE vs Iceland! I think the luck will finally run out for the Iceland team. I have no doubts that France will go through. With the likes of Payet, Griezzman and Pogba I do not think they should have any difficulty getting passed Iceland.

Overall, it is difficult to write anyone out as sometimes the underdogs become the winners. These are my general predictions and I hope to update this after the quarters.


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