The Start…

On my previous blog, I planned to write consistently but with the stress of university deadlines I struggled to maintain a balance. The end of university came with  over a hundred mental breakdowns. At times when the stress took over I began to think is it even worth it. I managed to overcome and finish it all. I am proud of my achievements.

For the past year, when I saw people moving away and starting their lives I kept telling myself: my time will come. Now I believe it is my time to start.

Life is all about moments. There is a right time for everything. It is difficult to be patient when awaiting something but patience is the only way. I have been thinking a lot about moments lately. It fascinates me. If we miss a bus, miss a train, etc is it because we were not supposed to be in that moment at that time. Are the people we see every day there by chance or are we meant to be in that certain moment with them.

For me, the start is yet to come but I am ready to accept and defeat any challenges I face and any that come in my way.


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