My skin routine…

Over the years, I have tragically suffered with acne. It seems it occurred most when an event was coming up. I have enormous family and someone seems to be getting married every other week. When looking through all the pictures of these previous weddings I always display an obvious mark of imperfection. Yes, I know imperfections are what make us perfect yet I’d rather have imperfections that are permanent rather than those that come and go as they please.

Last week it was Eid, and as per usual when something comes up my face was covered.A couple days before I decided that a new skin routine would perhaps be the best thing for me.

Eureka! I think I got the combination just right. I haven’t broken out yet since using these new products so I think something is going right for me. The previous acne has all dried up so I am finally beginning to feel confident with my skin again.

I use the clean and clear wash every night, and use the scrub every other night. As it says on the label I must only use once I use the Simple face wash every morning just to refresh my skin. I use the mask three times a week. Though it doesn’t smell pleasant, it works very well. I use the spot gel regularly and it does exactly what is says. For moisturisers, I use Nivea soft with an Aloe Vera gel from Holland and Barretts.

Occasionally I like to use natural products so I use a mask of gram flour mixed with water. It sounds odd but as it is dry it dries out all the oils on your face thus getting clearer skin.

I hope my skin routine helps any of you suffering. The best feeling is putting make-up on a fresh face with no breakouts. You deserve to feel confident in your skin.


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