The adventures of Flash and Bert…

This is the tale of two unlikely friends. Flash the tortoise and Bert the squirrel. One night, I woke with a fright after hearing scratching on the wall. I jumped out of bed and climbed down the stairs whilst rubbing my sleepy eyes. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs to listen. I followed the sound to the back door where to my surprise I found Flash trying to climb out a hole in the wall. He was stuck. I must have still been dreaming. I opened the back door to see where the hole went out too. On the other side Bert sat attempting to pull Flash through.

I was shocked. I pulled Flash out of the hole. How did he even get out the tank? Everyone in the house still blamed me for buying a pet that they thought was ‘useless’ but he wasn’t after all.

I sat down on the floor next to Flash and Bert.

“What are you both doing?” I asked yawning. They looked at each trying to decide whether they were going to answer or not. Of course they couldn’t speak english. That would be crazy. It was silent. I stared at them whilst they stared at each other.

“We were just going for a walk,” answered Flash. Not only was I surprised that Flash could talk but I was even more surprised that Flash was a girl. After all this time Flash was a girl. Maybe I should change her name to Flashina or something. I could not speak. I had nothing to say.

“You see Bert and I are in love.” More shock. I had nothing to say. How did this even happen. Did they stare at each other through the window? Did they sneak out every night? I was lost. More silence. Even if I could speak I wouldn’t know what to say. I began to laugh.

“Why are you laughing?” Bert asked. HIs voice was deep. It reminded me of Vin Diesel. I laughed even more.


“Sania please stop laughing,” Flash said in a serious tone. I stopped laughing.

“What am I supposed to say,” I stammered.

“We know it is difficult for you,” said Bert, “come with us please and see our lives.” They urged for me to follow them. They slowly tread down the street. I followed carefully behind them taking care not to stomp on either of them. They bought me to a tree. I was told to go inside.

“But there is no door.”

“Press the button.” I pressed the button. There was a flash of light. I was the same size as them. How did this happen?
“Let us go inside.” Bert pushed the door open. I was speechless.I felt light-headed. I fell the short distance to the floor. I woke up in my bed back to normal size. It wasn’t a dream. I ran downstairs to find Flash in his tank. I mean her tank. I went to the hole. The scratches were there. I sat down smiling. This was unreal.


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