The adventures of Flash and Bert: Part 2…

I had been sat indoors for what seemed like days. I had no real intention of leaving the house. I realised I was letting myself go. I could not stop thinking about Bert and Flash. I still could not fathom whether it was actually real or not. I had to get out. On a bright Tuesday morning I decided it was time to get back to a routine even if it meant fitting in my usual gym plan into my empty schedule. My mother was on her way to work so I asked if she would drop me off in city centre as it was in the way.

It was a beautiful day so I thought to myself why don’t I enjoy it. I went to the Waterstones looking around frantically for something to read that would list my spirits. As there were so many books I decided to do what any normal person would do and that was to google it. So I did and came across The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I sat in Piccadilly with all of the different spawns of Manchester for example the teenagers who walked with a limp insisting they were too cool for school, or the people from different countries who’d sit outside coffee shops with cigars thinking they were in a TV program or something. Anyway I sat there reading for a while.

An hour later, I grew tired of reading so decided to go for a walk hunting Pokemon. I did this often when on my usual route but had never walked around spontaneously. I was wandering the dark streets of Manchester. I saw a pigeon. I hated pigeons. They always seemed to follow me, or sit near me, and sometimes even fly into my head.

Squawk. There were more. Had I come down the wrong street? I  was now surrounded by pigeons.   They were closing in on me.  Closer and closer. I hated pigeons. I hated that they were this close.

“Seize her!” A deep voice sounded. All of a sudden, thousands of birds were flapping there wings in my face. I could not see nor could I move. I don’t remember what happened. I woke up in a dark, cold space. At the far end of the room stood a pigeon. I laughed. How was a pigeon supposed to guard me? I tried to get up but I could not move. I felt paralysed.

“There is no point, you will go nowhere Human.” The deep voice spoke. I stared at the shadow. I found most serious situations humorous this was no different.

“That squirrel and tortoise are causing trouble. They must be stopped.” Silence. I could not speak. I had nothing to say.

Smash! Glass spread everywhere. Bert and Flash came flying in. They went straight for the pigeons. As they fought through the crowd of pigeons more started to appear. More animals came through the window. A duck, a cat, a ferret, even a beaver. Where did they find a beaver? All animals started to attack the pigeons. The ferret came and untied me.

“Quickly go,” she said. I climbed through the window and stared at the chaos inside. Grey feathers were floating everywhere.

“GO!” The ferret shouted again. I was standing in an alley. I walked until I found the road. I was on my road. I wonder how the pigeons got me this far. It was a laughable. I walked the short way back to my house. My arms were covered in scratches. What a crazy day!


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