The Start of the Prem…

The first of August has finally arrived. It is the 213th day of the year and there are 152 remaining until the end of the year.

For me, the first of August means two weeks till the start of the Premier League season. There have been about 6 manager changes and it seems this year could be one of the most competitive seasons in the past years with the possibility of around 7 teams competing for the top spot.

As a Manchester United fan, I am excited to see how the team do this season. For the past few seasons, I have awaited the start of the league expecting United to better and they fail. However with a manager whose records speak for themselves I finally believe we could win the title.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been a favourite of mine for so many years and to see him play for my team is amazing. I expect him to smash the records and ignite a fire in the team that it has lacked for the past years.

I don’t entirely agree with the £100m price tag on Pogba but it is necessary. In this time for football, the amount of money spent shows how serious the club is. The main problem with Louis Van Gaal was he was never able to sign the players he wanted yet Mourinho came in and instantly got his targets.

Every manager makes mistakes but I know Mourinho is the one to bring us back to our winning ways. With the first game in the community shield against Leicester, I hope we can beat them after drawing against them both times last season.

It will be interesting to see how the team will be set. After watching the pre-season games it was nice to see how the players are gelling together.

I wonder though, how players such as Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia have been United players for so long. There are many players that could be seeing the end of their United careers, I hope these are two of them. Players such as Herrera, Fellaini, and Rojo were terrible last season. If they don’t improve I see no reason why they should stay.

I do proudly wear a Fellaini shirt so I hope he does sort himself out. I defend him most of the time so if he does go I know many told you so’s will be thrown at me and even some laughter. Come on Fellaini!


One thought on “The Start of the Prem…

  1. I agree its gonna be an intense season this time round! As a united fan also I had my inital doubts about Jose mourinho but now I see that he may bring some medals. I do question his loyalty though. I kinda wanted ryan giggs to be manager instead but at least jose can bring some fire in the squad. I dont think buying is always the solution but lets just wait and see…


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