What is fate…

The oxford dictionary describes it as the development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power.

The word fate comes from the Latin fatum that which is divinely decreed.

How much does fate play a part in our daily lives?

It is difficult to establish what is fate and what is chance? Do they work alongside each other or is chance just a myth?

If I was to miss a bus, or tram, I always believe that the reason would be because on that day I was not meant to see the people I would have seen if being in that place at that time.

But do the choices we make have an impact on fate or are the choices we make the choices we are supposed to make.

At the moment, I am waiting for my opportunity to come along. I have been rejected many times but have tried not to be disheartened as I have a feeling that when the time is right I feel it will all come together.

It is funny how you aren’t expected to be in a place at a certain time but then you show up and you meet someone interesting it’s like fate has bought you together and somehow that meeting affects you in some way.

Fate, kismet, destiny whatever you want to call it seems to plan our lives. It is so hard to let it take control but at a certain point in life it’s all we can do.


One thought on “What is fate…

  1. Interesting read. I would say that considering we live in a multiverse, our future is constantly changing based on our actions. Therefore we don’t have one ” fate” we have several fates which are constantly changeable. It is easy to fall in love with the idea that everything is planned out for us. This is because as human beings we do not like uncertainty. It is through uncertainty and the spontaneity of life that lets energy shine through. Life will sort itself out in the process of life itself, as long as you continue to move with life. If you abandon your actions and decisions, and refuse to take responsibility you seal your “fate” too early.


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