First win in the bag for Manchester United!

The two changes to the usual squad seem to have made all the difference. I have to admit when I saw the starting line up I was a bit skeptical. How were Herrera and Fellaini going to do a job in midfield. They proved me wrong.

It is obvious that there has been a massive boost in confidence and you can see that by the performance yesterday. They looked ruthless and they haven’t looked that in years.

Last season, the team would have all the possession but with no outcome whereas yesterday you could see the intent. Instead of the sideway passes they were always moving forward and constantly pressing.

By only watching the first game it is clear that Mourinho has already made a huge impact on the squad. I am a huge fan of Ibrahimovic and knew that he would instantly make his mark which he did with a stunning goal. I am pleased to see Bailly do so well. I thought it would take him a bit longer to adjust as he has been in the Spanish league but he already seems to have made it. The question is would Smalling play when he is back.

I wasn’t too keen on Wayne Rooney’s performance. He had the best chances but failed to make them count somehow getting the most difficult one in the net. Over the years his position has been changing going deeper and deeper. When Pogba comes in it might be that they both interchange.

Many players didn’t get a chance to play. I am excited to see the likes of Memphis, Mkhitaryan, and Rashford come into the squad and see what impact they will make.


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