Is it harder for women to get in shape?

Most blogs focus on a particular theme however mine is all over the place. This is mainly because my mind is all over the place. I don’t just like one thing, all sorts of things interest me and fascinate me so whose to say I can’t write about all of them.

Todays post is about whether it is harder for women to get in shape rather than men. This post was meant to come out Thursday as part of my Thursday thoughts but I couldn’t even open my eyes let alone put a sentence together. So it could possibly be a new chapter. Fitness Friday has a good ring to it.

I go to a gym that is full of all shapes and sizes. The reason I bring this topic up is because whenever I have seen personal trainers I have never seen a male one out of shape but a few female ones have been. I was also watching Olympic weightlifting and the contenders were big! Why was I looking at their body sizes? I have no idea probably getting crazier with age.

Anyway I asked a personal trainer I know and he said it wasn’t easier for either it was all about mindset. That is a fair thing to say if you’re determined to reach your goals you will.

However other things have to be taken into account. For example why is the calorie intake lower for women than men. Men tend to have more muscle mass than we do. And since more muscle means a faster resting metabolism, men’s bodies naturally burn calories at a faster rate.

Men also weigh considerable more than women. This matters because it takes much more calories to support a man meaning men can consume more calories and still lose weight.

A report I read claimed that boys happen to more active than girls but in this age is that even true anymore.
When women go on cleanse diets it lowers the metabolism so calories aren’t burned as efficiently. Not eating is one of the worst ways to lose weight. When I was younger and bigger, it was mostly due to my poor diet. I never ate breakfast but snacked on junk food. I would then eat only one meal a day.

Another reason could be women obsess more about food and link it to emotion. When I’m feeling low food is the way to boost my mood particularly cake.

I reckon performance in the gym room also makes a huge difference. Men are more likely to push themselves harder to impress there friends. I kid. But on a serious note they do find it easier because they care less. However women are more likely to be self-conscious but not only that, they focus more on cardio. Weights are the way forward.

It is unfair that we lose weight slower but if we are determined it will happen. We are greater in other ways.


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