Let us save the world…

I see a world that is controlled by materialistic objects. If you have the latest gadgets it is like you are superior. No one focuses on the internal things we lack. Compassion, love, and even kindness. How many times have we passed someone on the street and even just smiled? We ignore the pain and suffering in the world in order to stay happy within our lives. But doesn’t it make you more grateful and appreciative of your life.

There was a time when I’d look out the window and think when will I get out of this place. I was so grateful. I would rather look out of the window and see a million rainy days then see what the children in the Middle East do. They constantly lose loved ones and are alone in the world. But we’ve left them alone. We see a picture and think ‘Oh that’s sad’ but then never give it a second thought.

Life can be challenging. Everyone has there own struggles and has a limit to what they can endure. But to get through it try thinking of how you’re probably much better off than more than half of the world. Be kind to people around you. What you give to the world will eventually come back to you.


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