Dessert Republic

583 Barlow Moor Rd,                                                                                                                            Manchester                                                                                                                                                   M21 8AE

Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero… Coffee shops have always been a popular trend in the UK.There seems to be one on most street corners. However in recent years, it seems that there are more restaurants specifically focused on dessert opening.

With the rise of social media posts, also comes the rise of dessert pictures. A waffle on every Instagram page, a cookie dough on snapchat stories.

When this dessert place opened a couple years ago, I was skeptical. How would this one be different to the rest? The main positive was it was close to home. However I didn’t mind travelling to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I was home one evening with my mum and we craved dessert so we opted for some cookie dough. My natural instinct was to order it from pizza hut. With this dessert place round the corner we thought why not try something new.
Since then I have been addicted. They do a wide range of desserts and a variety of hot drinks, also serving milkshakes. On several occasions I have ordered the panini’s and must say they are very satisfying. The best part is that you get value for your money.

The place has plenty of natural light and the overall effect comes across as smart but casual. The colour theme is pink and white which gives it a mellow atmosphere.

The staff are friendly and very helpful. they’re keen to make sure you have an amazing experience and that the food is perfect for you.

I would definitely recommend Dessert Republic. It is the perfect place to go with friends and families for a dessert or to grab a quick coffee with a friend.  Either way, you will leave feeling content.


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