Let it out…

Once every six months or so I find myself to be in a mood. Today I walked around wondering why I even bothered leaving the house today. Everyone and everything was bugging me. I needed a way to release my stress and obviously the gym helped this.

I think it is so important to have a way to release all the negativity. When I have a build up of emotion I find it best to write all my feelings down in a journal. I also enjoy looking back at previous entries just to see how far I have come and how I have overcome the issues that affected me before. If you look back and see the same thing occurring maybe it’s time to finally make those necessary changes. Accept and move forward.

Now I have written it all down how I feel so much better. In order to feel more appreciative of the life you have, you must find a way to release all the stress. Whether it’s every week, month or whatever, you deserve to give yourself time out. Without it you will eventually blow up and that is good for nobody.

Although this may be unrelated, never let anyone doubt the decisions you make. At the time you felt it was right so you must trust in that. There is no time for regret in life. This is something I slowly learn everyday. 


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