Is football all about the money?

The transfer window ended last week with Paul Pogba becoming the most expensive player in the world. I wonder whether football has become all about money or whether it is all about money. If you have the money you are able to compete, if not you are left behind possibly being pushed to a lower league. A poor performance from England this summer suggests that players only care about their high wages and less about performing for their country and showing any patriotism. The current highest transfer is £93.1 million for Gareth Bale in 2013. It could be argued that teams such as Real Madrid have ruined the transfer market as they throw money at any player they want to make sure a team will not reject the bid.

English players have always been overpriced. The transfer of Raheem Sterling from Liverpool to Manchester City cost the blues £55.2million. The signing of John Stones cost around £50million. English players will always be overpriced. An 18 year old, Wayne Rooney cost £25.6million however an 18 year old, Cristiano Ronaldo cost £12.24million. This alone shows the effect an English player has on the transfer market. Could this be why English teams seem to have less English players?

A premier league football receives a wage of around £50k or above weekly, thousands more than any other profession earns. However certain players refuse to play for their teams as they will not receive a wage increase or even because they want to move to a bigger team. In any job, no matter the situation if a company is paying you a wage it is your duty to perform to the best of your ability. It seems footballers are excused from this.

Another problem is rich teams from countries abroad seem to have enough money to persuade players to join. The problem with this is highly rated players are willing to leave the big leagues to join smaller ones in countries such as the US, or China for higher wages. In the past, players dreamed to play for the big teams however now they are motivated by how much they will receive at any given clubs.

In the past where football was all about being the best and winning the most, the 21st century seems to have bought the worst out of it.


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