My trip to Pakistan 

I wanted to video blog my journey so far. I have but I’m not very camera friendly. I am writer so I will share through writing.
Before I had arrived, I told all my friends that I was going to be like the idiot abroad. I thought I was being too harsh on myself but I wasn’t. I was given a window seat with leg room but when I got on the plane my window was tiny so I had to ask the person on the same row what their seat number was where they replied the numbers up there. I saw the numbers but things confuse me. 

When the food came, I had no idea how to pull my table out. The man who sat nearest to me had to get it out for me.  All went smoothly from then on. Everything in Istanbul was fine. My boarding pass had the boarding time on it but I mistook that for flight time. It happens. 

When I reached my gate, I stopped, took a look around and thought ‘oh no what am I doing’. I had my headphones on, music playing loudly so I missed all announcements. Then I saw everyone lining up. I was in the wrong line after all and eventually made it on the plane. 

It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to take the TV out and when I did I couldn’t find where to put my headphones. The man serving my food had to take my table out as I still hadn’t mastered that.

My dad was late and seeing the hundreds of faces looking at me made me want to run back through and get the next flight back. I’m trying not to be offensive. I cried and the security guards let me come back in and eventually my dad showed up. I couldn’t be mad at him because I was so relieved to see him. 

I have been here for 5 days so far. I’ve left the house once. Going out in the villages makes me feel nervous because the people just stare. They know I’m an outsider and it makes me uncomfortable. Being hidden has its perks. I’ve tried to speak the language but no one understand me then they just stare at me it’s weird. Yesterday when some people came over they were laughing at my hair. Speaking of my hair is dry, skin is spotful and my stomach doesn’t enjoy the food. Not exactly compatible. 

I’m trying not to miss home too much. This isn’t my reality I will be back before I know it and it’ll be a distant memory. I know to appreciate life more. The people here will never get the opportunities I get and so I have to take full advantage of it all. I can go wherever I want and do whatever I want and this is something I take for granted I am so glad I don’t have the restrictions like the women here have. As I’ve been cooped up I haven’t seen much yet but I’m hoping with everything I see it will turn me into the person I want to become. 

To conclude I am an idiot abroad but I will survive. 


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