Being back!

I have been putting off writing this for a while now but that’s probably because it signifies the end. Although I am extremely glad to put my trip behind me it means I have to get back into the real world and slowly climb out of my bubble.

When describing my trip I mostly use the word experience. There were parts I liked and parts I didn’t like. I must admit I do like the country but the people are awful. I spent my last day in Pakistan getting pointed at and laughed at and I spent the night in the hospital. Great trip.

I mostly enjoyed visiting farms and experiencing the village life. When visiting a new place I always enjoy embracing the culture. I saw all the animals it was disturbing how they treated the donkeys. What I found most bizarre is how they would rock their children in a scarf and feed their babies and young children tea in a bottle. Part of me thought that coming back would mean I would be more cultural but I couldn’t be further away from it as I don’t agree with it. There are some things you can choose and some things you can’t. Their living conditions aren’t exactly in their control but their actions and thoughts are. The majority of the people lacked basic manners and any hygiene. Walking out into town meant you received stares from both men and women with the women being much worse. Leaving the country and seeing people of a different society was the best thing after 4 weeks of deprivation.

After seeing how people lived in Pakistan, I naturally became more appreciative of the life I live. More than anything over the 4 weeks I missed my independence. I hated having to rely on a man when I wanted something or when I wanted to go out. When I was out without a male presence I felt like I needed one as the stares and the comments would make me feel uncomfortable something I am not used to.

I take the smallest of things for granted such as my independence, hot water, cleaning supplies, and how readily available all the food we eat is.

My biggest achievement over the month was travelling alone. I never imagined I would be able too as the people make me uncomfortable and the language doesn’t come easy to me. I am now able to speak a little more of the language but it tired me out so much I don’t think I want to attempt it for a while.

My dad asked me if I was missing it today and I didn’t even have to think about it. The answer was no. Everyone said I went for too long I somehow survived but I must admit there were ups and downs and a lot of tears. It has made me stronger. I’ve conquered Pakistan I feel like I can conquer the world. I feel ready for anything.

I was a person who saw the good in everyone I met, regardless and I saw this world in a positive light. I slowly began to lose that but I have now rediscovered it and it is enlightening.


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