Getting rid of those sugar cravings once and for all

Winter time means winter weight. But we don’t have to fall into this pattern. I have lost all my excess wait lately but I am struggling to keep it as my cravings for chocolate are become stronger. Here is some advice on how to cut craves and avoid adding the weight in this dreadful season

  1. Drink water. Sometimes your cravings can be your body’s way of telling you you need more water in your system. Also drinking water before meals helps to reduce appetite.
  2. Go cold turkey. Some say give in a little bit of sugar won’t hurt. On many attempts I have attempted to have a small piece and say if I have a little every day it will not make a difference and I am still getting what I need. I’m lying to myself. After having a bit I instantly crave more and end up eating a whole lot more than I intended too. Cutting out completely gives you control. Sugar will not be the boss of me.
  3. Eat more protein. I was recently put on a diet plan which included lots of protein. As I was training hard I realised that my body was repairing itself so I wasn’t as tired and I wasn’t hungry all the time and feeling a lack of energy as I have previously.
  4. Avoid getting hungry. Make sure you have always had enough to eat. By doing this your body is less likely going to crave junk food. Planning meals can help with this as you will have food ready for each time of the day. Without prep you can find yourself getting lazy to make food so will indulge on anything that is available.
  5. Don’t buy it. If you know your going to become dependant on it. You can’t eat if it isn’t in your house.
  6. Sleep well. Lack of sleep affects hormones in a negative way. You are more likely to have cravings hoping the sugar will increase energy levels.
  7. Have a steady blood sugar level. If you keep it at a steady rate all day your energy levels will be steady so less likely to give in.
  8. Replace sugary snacks with healthy snacks that still give you satisfaction. Since birth our bodies are naturally programmed to enjoy sweet foods we just have to attempt to trick our bodies.
  9. Distract yourself if you have cravings. Go for a walk. If the cravings are strong, just get rid of the food that is causing your weakness.
  10. According to many sites, meditation and mindfulness is a way of combating stress which also helps to reduce them sugar cravings.
  11. My final and favourite tip. Put yourself off. When you read about what unhealthy foods do to your body, a lot of the time it puts you off wanting to eat. At the moment I keep reminding myself that chocolate gives me bad skin. Although it hasn’t sunk in yet I am sure that eventually it will.

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