Man Utd, Mourinho and much more

When I was away it was difficult to keep up with the football. The only game I managed to watch was the Man Utd vs Chelsea game which was a huge disappointment.

Before I had left I thought to myself it was a blessing that I didn’t feel obliged to watch them play because they had been terrible. After watching the Chelsea game I decided that I was no longer going to try and watch the games. When talking to my brother he would constantly complain about Mourinho. At first I thought he was being harsh. Mourinho is a great manager, I thought. He will turn this around. But slowly seeing the team line-ups and the results I began to agree with him.

I couldn’t watch the games so I trusted his opinion. Last week, after watching the Arsenal game I felt I had been harsh on Mourinho, he had picked a perfect team but they just couldn’t get a result. They were unlucky but also the players just weren’t performing. Not everything is the managers fault.

Later in the week, he put out a team which managed an emphatic win against Feyenoord. I was pleased. It seemed like he had finally found the perfect team. Rooney looked good, Mkhitaryan had an amazing game. Mata was good as usual and the defence looked strong.

Manchester United vs West Ham kicked off Sunday at 4.30pm. I was disappointed that the game was not live. After watching it I knew why. Four consecutive draws at home is a terrible record. We had found the perfect team and all of a sudden Mourinho makes five changes. It amazes me how he still does not realise that with Carrick on the team we always win. He put in Rojo instead of Blind who is just a poor excuse for a defender. Pogba had to play in the holding midfield role where he can’t show his true ability. I do like Lingard but I think he’s better coming off the bench as he makes more of an impact.

All the work during the match happens to be around the box with no one attempting to go inside and shoot. Ibrahimovic is always in the wrong position. The worst part of it is when we are in desperate need of a goal, Mourinho always takes off Mata who is our best player. Secondly, somehow Fellaini always features yet he cannot defend or attack he is only good for getting yellow cards.
It is only November and I believe Mourinho can turn it around because I have to believe it but games like yesterday make me wonder if he is trying to make us look bad. Pretty laughable.  I wish I could see where his ideas come from. I know that a manager sees all with the training levels, etc but previous match performances should also come into account. Maybe he has just lost his touch.

The most important thing in the January transfer window is to rid the team of all the dead weight. Once a solid team is in place I am sure we can become the old United. When the team is built and the team are still underperforming all that is left to say is Fergie left us with some kind of curse.


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