Finally taking control

I always thought my biggest fear in life was mice. When they were around I couldn’t function properly. At the moment I am trying to find a career suited for me. I have been disheartened a lot lately but trying to remain positive but it is difficult when negative emotions attempt to flood your brain.

Why am I not good at anything? This is the question that keeps repeating itself in my head over and over. But the thing is that not everyone is good at something but if you really love doing something, become an expert and never give up.

I know in school I could have done better. I was smart enough and had the ability but I let the fear of failure stop me from believing I could do better. I have always had a bad habit of comparing myself to others. The same thing happened in college and possibly in university and I believe I am falling into the same habit.

Failure always  shapes a person and without it you lack the motivation to carry on. In order to acheive big things you have to dream big. This is something I have been lacking. How do I expect to go far when I am only expecting the smallest of acheivements. Today I will dream big and finally go after what I want and hopefully my luck will finally change.


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