Time to cut it all out

It is so hard to resist the urge to indulge into your favourite treats when everyone around you is. I struggle most on weekends as I sit around and my usual routine goes out the window. I normally have breakfast but lunch often involves snacking until dinner.

For the past couple of Mondays I have felt the same. Sick! And for the past couple I have told myself that I am giving it all up. I managed it quite well last week until the weekend hit. This week I plan to try stick to my plans.

People look at me and say just stop you don’t need to lose any more weight but it seems to some it can be a crime to just want to be more healthy.

When I cut it out I am full of energy and my skin is perfect. For so long I haven’t had any breakouts and now about 5 or 6 have come at once.

For the first time in so long I ran up two sets of stairs and felt out of breath. I was ashamed. I plan to start again today. I will be cutting it all out and hopefully this time it will stick.


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