Can we stop the suffering?

The gloomy weather has kept me indoors binge watching Supergirl. Cheese and superheroes what can be better. This morning was bright and there wasn’t a grey cloud in the sky. I put on my superman t-shirt and threw on a coat and left determined to be productive. As I was walking I looked up at the sky thinking that billions around the world were looking up at this sky. All of which are living in different circumstances. There would be millions staring at skies filled with smoke and looking harder for a glimmer of hope. I continued walking and ahead there was a cloud shaped like an S and immediately felt like something was calling me.

If I was like superman I would attempt to save the world. I would spend day and night rescuing those who need help attempting to take them to a better life.

Is empathy a superpower? It seems to be rare especially among those in power.

I was sat in front of the fire a few days ago when a report came on the BBC news about the war in Yemen. As I watched I was trying to hold back the tears. All this coverage and these videos cause a stirring within. I wish I could help.

Thousands of people are being massacred every day and all we can do is sit and watch. This is no fault of our own. We were just bought up in a world where being selfish is the norm and the majority think of helping themselves before looking to help anyone else. I am blind. We all are.

Getting ready this morning caused a mix of emotions. I am lucky to be able to do this and live a life with my only worries being money, and a career. My life is superficial and I wish I could change this.

I wish I could offer those a suffering a new life but unfortunately I can’t. All I can do is share and attempt to raise awareness. Below, I have added links to different charities so you can make a donation.

At the moment this is all I can do to help and even though it isn’t enough maybe it could inspire someone to help.We may not be able to end poverty but we can bring an end to war. The world is hurting and I am feeling its pain.








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