Can the red devils become victorious again?

Its been a steep slope of demise for the red devils since they last won the title in 2013. After three struggling years and three very different managers, their form finally seems to be improving. I must admit in my last post I did criticise Jose Mourinho’s team choice but it seems he finally has a handle on it.

I must also admit that I was harsh to blast certain players when they have showed vast improvement. For the penalty incident it could happen to anyone as it did to Fellaini, Rojo can actually defend now though sometimes he is reckless he gets the job done and finally at the beginning of the season I wrote ‘We must get rid of Valencia’ and somehow he has been one of our best players this year.

The month of December saw us finally win a home game, since September and so far this month we have won all our games with only two games remaining against Sunderland and Middlesbrough. Both games are at home and fans will be expecting United to win both. The Sunderland game will also bring former manager, David Moyes back to Old Trafford.

The new year brings hope for all. A new year, and a new start. In the football world, the new year signifies the opening of the transfer window. Unite are currently linked with Viktor Lindelof and the chances of getting him are high. I can imagine Mourninho would like to bring in a few more players.

Our new year kicks off with a game against West Ham away from home. They haven’t been on the best home form so I hope to see the devils win by a few goals. Over the passed few years, fans have seen this team take one step forward and two steps back. Hopefully after the new year, we can finally see United kick on and challenge for at least the second spot.


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