Alter your mind and discover the real you

We are naturally inclined to compare ourselves to others. It’s a habit. Why isn’t our hair like that? Why don’t we look like that? Blah Blah, the list goes on.

It took me a long time to finally feel comfortable with myself. It did take 20 years to finally hit puberty but despite this it was hard to grasp that puberty or not I was perfect the way I was.

The point of this is to highlight how important confidence is. No matter what your beliefs, all humans were made the same. How can you be less beautiful than anyone else.

It’s easier to criticise others in order to make yourself feel better but over time it makes you realise how cruel you are. I prefer to compliment. I love to make people feel good about themselves and I wish more had helped me during my struggle.

Celebrities can also bring about insecurities but you must remember that a lot of the time they have people to make them look like that and they are just like you.

For me to finally feel confident, I had to lose a load of weight and I am finally satisfied. I envy those who love themselves without making any changes. However, if you feel like the changes will help then do it.

The younger me always wished I looked better but my current aim is to be the best version of myself. To be happier, to be kinder, more giving, and to inspire those around me. Don’t let the insecurities control you let them drive you.

Just be yourself and that is the best you. Imperfections are what make you perfect.


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