Man Utd vs Liverpool

As a Manchester United fan, I had no doubt that United would win the game comfortably. Maybe I was too cocky. Comparing the teams on paper, I thought they were no match to our team of superstars but was I wrong. The stars I thought were super decided not to show up and so the game consisted of the ball being kicked from half to half with no real chances. A penalty kick gave them the lead. Predictable. The majority of the time Liverpool can only score through a penalty.
We dominated the game with the best chances coming from the Manchester side however Liverpool gained little control when Coutinho came on the pitch. We eventually broke them down and managed to score with the help of an unlikely source. Marouane Fellaini who made a big impact when he entered the game. The result though disappointing seemed fair as our team decided to not show up in their home ground.
Although knowing we were close to losing, I was extremely disheartened. We finally had an opportunity to close the gap on Manchester City but we failed to do it. United are known for doing things the hard way. We still remain sixth on the table and continue our unbeaten run. There is still a long way left and I hope we can kick on.

The away game against Stoke will be difficult as it is always a tough place to go. It is time for us to prove that we deserve to be champions.

I am a realist. I know we won’t win the title but I am hopeful we will be up there and finish at least second or third.


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