I am currently sat trying to read but inconveniently the doctors surgery is really busy and noisy today. I gained consciousness around 6 but ended up waking at 6.30 so the noise is causing an unwanted pounding in my head. I find mornings more enjoyable as it gives me the opportunity to do whatever I feel like for the rest of the day whether it means going to the gym or something else. I particularly enjoy it as it gives me a chance to catch up on my writing.

It has been a while since I last added a blog post. Someone said to me, ‘when the inspiration hits, go with it’, so as I sit here waiting, it seems like I should take advantage. It is too noisy to read and attempting to is causing a louder thump in my brain.

Hate. This word is described in the Oxford dictionaries as having an intense dislike for something. I can say throughout my life I haven’t hated anything. When I was younger, I would say ‘I hate this and that’, and other things. But are you really a teenager if you don’t hate anything.

For me, hate is an emotion that is so strong it takes up a lot of energy and leads to negativity. There is a difference between hating a certain object, or food, an attitude/behaviour or a person. With people, it seems society has programmed people to hate each other and it is more common among women. Going out, you wouldn’t see men staring at each other, throwing dirty looks or whatever however it has become the norm for a lot of women.

A trip to a restaurant, or maybe a session in the gym causes the look of disapproval with some women. But how can you dislike someone when you don’t know them. I could never look at someone with this look. I think more women should complement each other and go against societies pressures. We should be empowering each other not tearing each other down.

There is always going to be someone prettier, smarter, thinner, etc, but it is about time we believe in ourselves. Society expects us to compare ourselves. It is all over the media showing what they think the perfect woman looks like. If we don’t look like that we get upset and put down anyone who does. Tearing others down isn’t going to make us feel better about ourselves, if anything it will turn us into the worst version of ourselves. The world is full of hate and is continuously passed down. Let us stop the hate and breed love instead.


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