Changing perspective could change your life

It was a dreary Monday morning, yet it marked the first day off Spring. I woke up unusually early filled with positivity and the determination to succeed in the coming day.

I have this bad habit of letting my inspiration pass by without acting upon it and I almost did the same today however my fingers were itching to type something.

Whilst, I was sat in the living room, my mum decided to put on one of her infamous Pakistani dramas which all have the same plot with different characters. Instead of putting in my headphones and watching something on Netflix, I thought now would be the perfect time to let the inspiration strike and write.

I’ve noticed that my writing changes on the platform that I use, for example, when I use a pen and paper, most of it seems personal and I feel reluctant to type it and share as it is more for me to look back on. When I write on my laptop it seems the thoughts pour more easily onto the screen and I can sit forever and type.

I haven’t written in a while and the last post I published was about the word ‘Hate’. I don’t want to add anything as I believe I got it all out last time. I’ve learnt a few things since I last wrote and I hope I can manage to put them into words and share them with you.

I have mostly good days but sometimes it is difficult when the universe seems to work against you. It is hard seeing everyone around you doing what they love and finding themselves and looking at yourself standing at a crossroads trying to figure whether it is best to cross in the right direction, stand in the same spot, or take a different route. Only we can determine what the right direction for ourselves are but this makes the decision harder.

Maybe, taking the longer route makes the journey a little easier. But we can’t know where it ends, or where we are supposed to go we can only take the risk and hope it favours us.

I wrote in my book last week and when I wanted to type it up, I felt it to be a little corny. I take the same route most days yet last week I took the same route on the opposite side of the road. Although, it was the same route down passed the enormous houses and the scattered trees, it felt somewhat differently. It felt I was walking a different path. When I walk, I look up at the clouds and watch the sky as it moves imagining what it would be like to live up there with the birds and maybe the sky people.

The point is looking at things with a different perspective may perhaps help you to see things much clearer. Sometimes, looking at it from a different angle or maybe a different point of view can help to ease any worries but also give you hope of what the future can bring. Keep your head up and just hope that what the future holds will be what we deserve.


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