The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.

We say that time flies but then is it possible for time to go slow and fast at the same time. Days turn into weeks, into months, into years and before we know it we will be walking around with a crooked back, and wrinkled faces telling stories to our grandchildren.

Every Monday, it is typical to say, ‘The weekend goes by too fast’. Which it does but so do the weeks. As I am an early bird, I am usually up at 6.30am most days as I present my own radio show at 7. Normally, the rest of the day involves going to the gym and doing some writing and reading elsewhere. At the end of the day when I lie in bed I think about everything that I have done in the day and sometimes I think it can’t be the same day it feels long enough away.

Are the days too long or does find it difficult to keep up? As I write this, I am thinking this is nonsense, however in my head it makes the perfect sense. For anyone who is reading this I hope you understand and if not it is probably because my head is like a tornado with thousands of thoughts spiralling around.

Moving on, when I was younger I never paid attention to time. And I think it can be said about most younger people. We are in a rush to grow up and when we do we wish it could end.

We have this bad habit where we complain when time is going too slow. In school, we want the days to go fast and the year to end so exams finish. And when you grow older you just hope the working day will end. In the world, we live in have we been moulded to dislike the slowing down of time. Instead of embracing we complain.

I have just waffled on and the chances are that most of you who are reading will probably have no idea what I am talking about. But that is okay.

Let’s imagine that one day time stopped. Would you embrace it? Would you do everything you want to do but can never fit in? Or would you be in despair?

We must take advantage of the time we have. It’s natural to count the hour but if you’re doing what you love, you won’t have too, the hour will count down itself.




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