The right time to let go…

I feel amazing. I like to believe that if you can’t control it, you can’t worry about it. A while ago, I decided that if something caused me stress or caused me to be unhappy, and it was something that I could control, I was going to let go.

I finally did that. For at least a month, I have let something bother me yet I felt that apart from being unhappy I had no real reason to let go. Last week, I finally had my reason and I let go. It felt like it was the perfect decision because you shouldn’t let anyone or anything let you feel down or bring negativity into your life.

Admittedly, I do spend a lot of time on my own because I have left behind a lot of people who made me feel low. The friends and family that I have around me always boost me and have helped mould me into the person I am. Which is what the people around you should be doing. ­­­

Today, I feel great because I no longer have to pretend I am happy or that I enjoy and I am accepting the circumstances. I can finally be truthful. Every night, I’d feel stressed and dread leaving the next day but knowing that I don’t have to anymore gives me a peaceful night of sleep. A few people also told me I was glowing which shows the positive effects of just letting go even though I did tell them it was my highlighter.

Life is only once. Any day, has the possibility of being your last. Live them all because they matter. Don’t get caught up in the stress, rather do the opposite and get caught up in the happiness.


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