A great book can alter your life…

I have loved books ever since I was younger, and when I attempt to get my nephew to read I can’t help but remember my earliest memories of reading. For every one of use, the first series we read was the Biff, Chip, and Kippa books. I remember when he bought them home from school and I was excited to read them with him, and it bought back all my earliest memories. I remember being about 6 or 7 years old and my mum took me to the shops and said I could pick up any book. I remember picking up The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton and I spoke to the teacher in school who said she had the other parts in the series and was willing to give them to me. As it has been almost 20 years, I can’t remember much from the series, but I do remember this family being moved to the countryside and them finding a tree in the woods behind their garden. On this tree, there were all sorts of enchanted creatures such as fairies, trolls, etc.

During high school and college, I was most likely to pick up a book filled with romance and fantasy. I always loved how there was a happy ending and they somehow made me optimistic about my own life.. However, being older now I find myself less likely to pick up one of them books being more likely to pick up a book with a deeper meaning. I love to creatively write and every time I did write something it seemed to edge more towards them genres. I always wanted to try write meaningful things but I found it difficult. One of my lectures at uni told me that in order to write for a particular genre you needed to read a certain amount of hours for that genre and maybe I lean towards them ones because I have read so many.

I must admit I do enjoy the fantasy and romance but I think for me growing up as a dreamer living in an alternate universe gave me a false sense of what life should be like. I always pictured this perfect life and being a certain age where everything would fall into place. Right now I am working towards my goals yet nothing has fallen into place. I realise now it isn’t quite the happy ending that makes the story it is the journey towards with all its twists, and turns that make a real story come to life.

Whilst I was away, I read The Hobbit and I was surprised at how long it had taken me to pick the book up and actually read it after having it on my bookshelf for years. The thing about adventure books are they take you into a different world without giving you that false sense of hope and an imaginative life. There is adventure all around us and for a fulfilling life we have to find that adventure because it can mean the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary life.


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