My reasons…

Unfortunately, I have been cursed. I will inherit genetics that mean eventually arthritis will take over my entire body. But I have accepted this fact although I cannot stop it I feel I can prolong it.

Over the past few years, I have been training in order to get into a better shape and feel confident and happy within my own body. I would usually go to the gym around 5 and sometimes 6 times a week and the gym seemed to become the most important part of life.

I hated that the gym was my life because I never wanted to be that person and so I slowly started to go less and less and then lost all of my motivation. With this I started eating everything in my path and felt like an oompah loompah.  I have realised that I can only do the two things hand in hand.

At times, I would walk up the stairs and lose my breath which hasn’t happened since I was in high school.Then I was listening to my sister talk about her bad knees and thought ‘I better sort myself out’ and now so far I’ve been doing very well and I feel amazing.

You have to find the right reason to want to do it and you will. It’s hard. The other day I put post-it notes around my room to try and motivate me which did work but then they all fell off because nothing really works anymore. Originally, my goal was to lose weight but now it’s something more important which is to be able to move when I’m old.

Find your reason and you will do it.


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