No more tears…

I haven’t updated my blog in a while and every post I do share seems to start with this fact. It is becoming repetitive and we must not let anything except for positivity become repetitive.

I guess I can say I have been a bit distracted lately but no distractions now. Life has been a spiral lately and although I haven’t been able to pick myself up entirely I am finally ready to do so.

I will be jetting off to the beautiful, sunny Dubai on Thursday and I await the change of atmosphere, the high temperatures, and the stunning views.

The best thing about going to a place where you don’t know anyone is you can become anyone you want to. Since the start of 2017, I have struggled to recognise who I am anymore. The emotions, and the change of faces I was so good at concealing seem to reveal everything about me and all I can wonder is what significant life changes have caused this downward spiral.

However in my case I don’t believe it is a life change, I think it is a lack of that has caused. I have noticed that any negative thought I seem to have, even if I may not entirely believe it seems to come true. The worst part is a lot of the time I meant it only as a joke but it has happened.

My main aim is to find my smile again and to find the reason I want to smile. In order to move forward and accept changes I must be rid of all negative thoughts that seem to be playing a major effect in my life at the moment.

The thing is people have said to me that if you’ve hit a low that it cannot get worse and I believed this but the truth is it can get worse and it will continue to get worse until you give yourself the power. I will not be a victim of my circumstances. I will follow my dreams and in my heart I know I am going to make it. I am determined to it.

And if this doesn’t work then I will throw myself into as many books and live through numerous adventures without even leaving the confinements of my bedroom.

I wouldn’t be able to believe any of this if I didn’t have the amazing support system I do around me so for all who are close that are reading, I love you all, and I thank you because without you the impossible would actually be impossible. No more distractions, no more feeling sorry for myself I am going to prosper.


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