Life can be frustrating, can’t it?

You can spend hours looking for something, for it to be right in front of you.

What is normal?

Oxford dictionary explains it as: Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

What do I think normal is?

The truth is I have no idea. However there comes a point in everyone’s lives where they look at how others act and think perhaps this is the way I should also act.


You have to make sure to stay true to yourself all the time. I’ve looked at so many girls over the past months and thought should I be similar to that would things work out better for me.

But it doesn’t work like that! I’ve acted crazy at times, jealous, made things up in my head, become obsessive and I look at that and laugh.

Yes, I’m crazy but in a completely unusual way. I make things up in my head, most of which are stories to make the world less daunting. I am obsessive but only when a drawer or a book isn’t closed or stored properly. And never jealous because who has the time to be controlled by a little green monster especially when we are better off than most of the population in the world.

If you pretend for long enough, it is what you become and the real you has disappeared in the same tunnel of normal.

Be proud of your differences because they make a good you.


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