It has been approximately 6 months since I last wrote something down. That’s a lie. I have written but nothing that is relevant. I call myself an aspiring writer but when is the last time I have written something worth sharing.

I haven’t been in a rut, nor (despite saying it) have I had writer’s block. The truth is I have been lazy and/or afraid. Maybe I’m afraid it won’t be good enough but also what if it is.

Lately, I have chosen to sleep rather than be productive which I have never done before. I wake up in the dark night and my brain is swarming with ideas, however, unlike before I do not write them down, I push them to the back of my mind and sleep.

I wonder how many good ideas have gone to waste because the time was not given for them to be developed. They must be nurtured, taken care of and fed, otherwise productivity dies.

The book I am currently reading, 1Q84, is inspiring me tremendously. I sink into the corner of the sofa and read a page and my mind opens hundreds of doors. I just haven’t yet figured out where the doors are leading me too.

My mind has grown lazy, and it has become a necessity to train it to wake up. Newton’s third law states: ‘Every action has an equal reaction.’

I have noticed that when I use the gym on a regular basis, I write more often. I originally thought this was because it is clears my mind. As true as this might be the bigger difference is that whilst I become gym obsessed, I also solely eat foods low in sugar and fat.

It sounds obvious but I think we fail to take diet into account on so many occasions. If we feed ourselves junk, our brain will only produce junk.

I have been eating so poorly lately, and it has had a negative effect on me. I am lethargic, show no creativity  and find it impossible to get out of bed. The cold weather does not help but I know that I must take steps toward healthy eating. I don’t want to lose interest in life and I fear I have.




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