Restarting my fitness journey…

As deadlines loomed, I found it difficult to stick to my usual diet plan let alone even take the time out to go to the gym. I attempted to get back to my usual workout routines after but as Ramadan was fast approaching, I no longer had the motivation as I knew my progress would be stalled because I was not planning to train during this month.

The end of Ramadan is almost here, so I think it is important to devise a plan to get back into shape. My plan includes things I did during the month to ensure I didn’t fall behind completely but also ways in which I plan to restart my fitness journey.

As I chose not to complete any extreme activities I felt it important to take walks often in order to keep active.


Although I have only been able to eat for about 4-5 hours, I attempted to take care in with my diet. I tried to stay away from anything unhealthy but as I was fasting for such long hours, my cravings took over. In the few hours between, I would make sure to drink as much water as I could. As it was impossible to avoid unhealthy food I made sure to drink fruit smoothies for my morning meal so my diet wasn’t completely terrible.

I have noticed that detox teas seem to be very popular so in order to restart my healthy lifestyle I figured a 14 day detox would be worthwhile. As my workout programme is way passed its expiration date I plan to buy a new one and keep up with it. Previously, I have used workouts I have made but they do not push me as hard.

In two weeks, I expect to be restarting the gym and I hope that with the steps I plan to take  my new journey will be successful and by the end of the year I will hope to be in a shape better than my previous. I will keep you updated on what changes my new workout plan and detox have to my lifestyle if they make any at all.




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